“High Yield”
-Zip, MD/PhD, 18

“As a first-year medical student, it has been absolutely amazing to be surrounded by a community of people who have experienced similar (and oftentimes the same) struggles and who are always more than willing to provide advice or just lend a listening ear. It has definitely made my transition to medical school much easier and much more fun!”
-Brianna, MS1

“I have so enjoyed living in a fun and supportive community setting with other health professional students! I’ve loved getting to know the other co-op residents, and of course, being so close to the hospital is a huge perk! This has made my transition to OHSU a much smoother one!”
-Sarah, NS

“The co-op is a unique housing experience for anyone, especially students in the medical field. The co-op gives you an instant support network of veteran students who have gone through all the experiences you have and are willing to advise and counsel you through the terrain. It’s a wonderful experience, plus we have fresh eggs from our chicken flock!”
-Will, MS1

“The co-op was the best place to live for me who moved to Portland from out of state for med school. ┬áIt was an instant community of peers and friends. I will always treasure memories of spontaneous house barbecues, epic basement parties, and the dinners I ate standing up around the kitchen island sampling everyone else’s food.”
-Eunice, MS3

“The co-op has allowed me to become friends with people I otherwise never would have met. I cannot imagine medical school without the support and camaraderie that I’ve experienced here. People are always respectful when you are busy and available when you need them. It’s really a special place.”
-David, MS2

“Co-op life is everything I wanted it to be! My housemates are a great support system, and I can count on them to give me advice on everything from who to choose for my preceptors to what to wear on a date. It’s low-cost, but high-yield! Chores are probably less time-consuming than if I had to take care of my own house or apartment off-campus, plus the included utilities, chicken eggs, kitchen supplies, and co-op library have made life a lot easier. If you like community living, check out the co-op!”
-Molly, MS1
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