Our co-op houses 23 rooms, of all different shapes and sizes (we don’t judge). Everyone is entitled to their own room, as long as you understand the following:

Rooms: Members are entitled to have a room which is in good condition.  They are encouraged to make improvements to your room after discussing these with the house manager. Written approval must be secured before the work is done. Funds may be made available at the house manager’s discretion for certain basic improvements.

Seniority: First choice for rooms, refrigerators, cupboards, etc. is based on seniority. The seniority list is determined by when a member first submits their Housing deposit. If two people both submitted their deposit at the time, the seniority will be determined by who signed their housing agreement first. When someone moves out, that room becomes available based on the seniority system.

Housing and House Rules Agreement: All members staying four weeks or longer are required to sign a housing and house rules agreement within one week of arrival. The house president and/or manager must cosign this agreement. Please read the agreement carefully, as it outlines the conditions you will be living under for the duration of your stay here.

Monthly Dues:
Temporary members:
* 1-6 months: $435/month
Primary members:
*first 6 months: $335/month
*after 6 months: $310/month

Any Member who is on rotation outside of the Portland area for thirty days or more or Primary Members who are in their last year of their program or rotation and are involved with interviews outside the Northwest region may be eligible for a waiver of one month’s Dues. Such waiver is limited to one time per Member

Failure to pay dues longer than two months will result in a $100 fine (i.e. deposit is withheld) and immediate probation. Financial delinquency of three months or greater than $600 is grounds for immediate termination of Co-Op membership. There will be no exceptions.

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