Rules and Regulations

We always follow the rules:

Please read this page carefully and see the house manager or president if you have any questions. Also note that Phi Beta Pi provides equal opportunity to all health professions students, and does not discriminate based upon age, gender, race, nationality, or field of study. Admissions are rolling, and are voted upon by house members in a first-come, first-served basis.

Eligibility: To be a member you must be a full-time OHSU student in a post-baccalaureate program or a visiting student enrolled in an OHSU sponsored clinical or research rotation. Students must have university issued health insurance or an equivalent health insurance and meet OHSU immunization requirements. Students must maintain full-time enrollment status and can remain a tenant for no more than 30 days post-graduation. Leave of absence must be approved by house leadership and the board of directors. 

Privacy: Each member is entitled to their own privacy. We share the unisex bathrooms and showers with a strong respect for one another’s privacy. We have a total of five bathroom stalls and six individual showers, varying on each floor of the co-op. Most members choose to keep their doors unlocked or open, though we have a strict policy to not enter a room without the member’s permission. Rooms can be locked if desired.

  • There are two people per refrigerator and food cabinet, and we are each responsible for our own cooking and cleaning.
  • This is not a “club house”; it is our home. With a large and diverse group of people living together, it is especially important to be respectful and courteous toward our roommates.
  • All new members are on probation for the first six months so we can all make sure we get along with them. If everything goes well, they will automatically become primary members.

Disciplinary Probation: Members failing to comply with house standards and rules (e.g. failing to do chores, missing dish duty, being failing to pay dues, or any combination of the above) will be placed on disciplinary probation. During the probationary period (less than one quarter) the person must display impeccable behavior and make any amends required by the house and/or house officers. If the person fails to comply, that person will be asked to move out. Any such person may request general discussion and house vote on the issue, whereupon reversal of the decision will require a two thirds majority house vote.

**ABSOLUTELY no candles, incense, or other burning materials allowed in the house. Although the house has fire insurance, we strongly encourage everyone to have their own insurance to cover personal belongings against loss.

Non-Profit Status: Phi Beta Pi is a non-profit organization run by Dr. William John Brady, a former member. To see our tax return designating us as a non-profit organization, click here: Beta Nu Chapter of Phi Beta Pi

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