Let’s give you the run down…

The co-op allows you to live independently in that you have your own room, storage, food spaces and shower cubby. For the house to run successfully, we have to work together. Below you’ll find just how we do that:

Dishes: This tends to be the biggest source of contention, so please make an effort to be considerate. It is your responsibility to wash your own dishes.

Chores: Each person does dish duty approximately once a month. Each person also has a weekly chore. These chores are mandatory and are far less than what you would do living on your own, taking between 15-30 minutes per week.

Laundry: We have two industrial washing machines and three driers, completely free for co-op members.

House Supplies: The co-op supplies many basic supplies for members, free of charge! This includes: Toilet paper, soap, spices and basic cooking and baking supplies (oil, salt, flour, cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc.). We share cooking utensils, silverware, plates, cups, etc. Each person is in charge of their own food and meals.

Internet: Each room is wired for high-speed Internet, and password-protected wireless Internet is available to members and visitors. We also have a house printer that is available for guests and members to use.

Storage: We even have a storage room for all your bulky winter gear.

Bike Room: We have plenty of room for bikes (Welcome to Portland!) which are kept in the bike room or in your own room, not on the main floor.

Pets: We have a no-pets policy in the house (for right meow).

Co-op Chickens: Although we have a no-pets policy IN the house, outside the house we have our very own chicken coop! You’ll often find fresh eggs in the communal kitchen basket for your own eating pleasure. Score!

Quiet Hours: Are from 10pm to 8am. During this time, please do your best to respect your housemates. We have to study after all!

Events: We may have an occasional party if the current members express enough interest and are willing to fund and organize it. We have traditionally have holiday events for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Parking: Regulated by City of Portland, and enforced strictly. Beware! You need a parking permit to park for longer than two hours on weekdays. Parking is one of the biggest advantages of living in the co-op. You can buy a permit at:

Traffic Management Bureau
1120 SW 5th St. (Portland Building, 8th floor)
Hours: M-F 7:30am to 4:30pm
except Thursdays until 2:00pm

They charge $75 for the full year. You will need to bring your car registration; and, for proof of residency, either:
(1) Your Housing & House Rules Agreement or
(2) A current bank or credit card statement showing this address on it for proof of residency.
Each member has the opportunity to order guest parking booklets from the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

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